Eat To Draw
Eat To Draw

I am always seeking inspiration through reading, travelling, and exploring new media and styles of expressions. I like to draw with ink, gouache, acrylic, and watercolour paint and I am currently having fun with calligraphy ink, block printing and urban sketching. What's next - definitely pottery and learning Illustrator! 


Blue Planet

Everyone should watch Blue Planet II and see how amazing our oceans are and the creatures that thrive in it - oh do you like this fish print that I made with linocut? 

I was at the wet market and saw so much seafood left at the fishmongers at close to 12pm. What will happen to them, I wonder?



Amalfi, I can’t do you justice... but at least you serve to be one of my first inspiring attempts at landscape sketching. I love people-watching, especially in noisy vibrant Italy where body language and hand gestures are all the visual clues you need. 

Like what you see here? Contact me for illustration works for magazines, books, and live drawings at events.