Eat To Draw
Eat To Draw

Since May 2015, I have been churning these quirky food art when I step into the kitchen to draw and paint. These doodles and sketches are usually done in 5 to 10 minutes - in between slicing, stirring and chopping - and they feature common ingredients like the humble onion and sweet potato to exotic produce like the spiky kiwano melon and pulasan fruit, that I eat and cook for my family. My friends tell me they cannot see a sweet potato or peach in the same way again - and that's a good thing!

I hope that through my artwork, people can see food in a different perspective, enjoy every morsel and reduce food waste, and exercise a little more imagination in their everyday life. Slow down, cook more and take the time to smell the lemon, I'd say.

I also craft characters and commentaries to accompany these images - often sharing interesting stories and facts about the animals, countries, etc followed by the food info, tips and recipes. See my other illustration artwork - Forage & Find in nature and Explore & Learn.    


Leopard spots

A leopard can't change its spots and why would it? Be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your uniqueness - there's nobody like you! 💗 

We made a pot of lotus root soup with these black-eyed peas for added fibre and flavour. Somehow the black dotted beans reminded me of a leopard and I think it turned out purrfect! 

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